Vehicle patrol security officers are equally if not more important than security guards; they are highly detail-oriented and dedicated individuals who want to provide maximum security for a specific location. Their job is to monitor, inspect, and patrol a particular site, report any unusual activity, uphold equipment, and much more.

We want to highlight the significance a patrol security officer’s job entails; they make sure that the site owners can rest comfortably while they anticipate and tackle any crimes or illegal activities that could take place around the location they are monitoring.

Please continue reading to learn all that a patrol security officer does along with their most important job aspects and responsibilities:

Monitoring and Patrolling the Location:

Vehicle Patrol Security Officers have several monitoring and site-preserving responsibilities; they protect the allotted premises and personnel by patrolling the area. Additionally, here at Tactical Protective Services, they also monitor all the surveillance devices such as cameras and alarms to notify any criminal activities immediately. Finally, they also make sure no one enters the area without permission.

Reporting Any Out Of The Ordinary Activities:

Another important responsibility that a patrol officer has is reporting any unusual activities that take place on the site they are guarding; if any individuals violate or trespass on the property, they have the right to restrain them. Their job also requires them to inform violators about the policies that are set in place about illegally entering a location.

Traffic Control

Patrol Security Officers also regulate and govern traffic in an area. They provide the appropriate directions a driver should take and provide assistance in the case of an accident. Furthermore, if an accident occurs, they have to investigate and resolve any issues that follow.

Citation Reporting

If anyone indulges in disallowed activities, they have the right to cite them for their actions. After they have cited them, they have to make a complete report of the incident so that both parties have agreement and awareness.

Uphold Equipment

Any newly purchased or old equipment has to be maintained and preserved by the Vehicle Patrol Security Officers. They are responsible for ensuring that the equipment is working without any disruptions. If there are any issues, they must call the manufacturer or a maintenance specialist to get it up and running again.

Protecting the Reputation of the Organization

Apart from patrolling, the patrol officers ensure they conform to all the legal rules and regulations. In addition, they protect the organization and its site by staying vigilant and tackling any commotion that could harm their reputation.


The six responsibilities mentioned above are the basics of a vehicle patrol security officer’s job description, but that it still does not cover the flexibility these diligent individuals offer.

Every site and organization has a unique requirement for a patrol officer and we provide tailored solutions in the state of Maryland and Virginia.  Our officers familiarize and adapt to make sure that everything goes according to the client’s goals and that everyone and everything on the site remains safe.