TPS Armed Division

Tactical Protective Services armed division provides exceptional armed guard security services to a broad range of customer needs ranging from residential clients, offices, special events, to corporate and warehouse security, and more!

Consisting of retired and active military and police personnel everyone we hire passes a thorough system of background checks which ensures right person for the right job.

Our professionals are expert in threat identification and assessment, patrols, and heading security personnel to lead them in risky situations.

As we say, stay truly protected with Tactical Protective Services!

TPS Police Division

TPS police division employs active police officers that work with us when they are off duty. These police officers are highly trained by the industry best and are extremely reliable in any situation. This gives our security services an added advantage; TPS police division agents know how to secure an area and the protect the people.

TPS Executive Protection Division

Offering you a dedicated set of security professionals who are experts in executive protection and bodyguard services.

Our personalized security services are aimed at increasing productivity by creating a bubble of security around the people in need of extra protection.

Tactical Protective Services‘ armed guards are experts at locating threats and taking care of them right from the very start. Before induction, the guards will be individually trained to cater to the specific security needs of different personnel such as corporate officers, politicians, celebrities, and more!

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Prone to theft and vandalism, especially with being service, the banking industry needs stricter security. We are here to take care of the thousands of transactions that take place at ATMs. Our qualified security services always keep the money truly protected!

With our ATM security specialists, get worry-free about situations ranging from minor disturbances to instances of theft and vandalism. Thus, your assets remain safe and protected and you remain care-free.


Installing surveillance systems that you can trust.

Our advanced CCTV surveillance systems never miss a beat. Always remain posted about the security of your home, office, or any other establishment with efficient and 24/7 monitoring.

Observe every detail as you are away!

CCTVs have become a proven method for crime prevention and control and this is the reason for the immense growth in CCTV usage. So lets us create a safety net for your home, office, or any other space with our latest video surveillance mechanisms.

Campus Security Services

Securing the premises of a campus, monitoring behavior, maintaining general discipline, and taking care of disturbances. With our expert security services, stay one step ahead of risks as our skilled and alert guards remain forever vigilant on duty.

Our armed and un-armed guards are skilled, licensed, and updated with the latest security techniques. Laced with updated knowledge about the increasing instances of campus disturbances, our guards know what they will be dealing with. Thus, minor security risks will not get amplified and those that require immediate action will be taken care of.

Empolyee Background Check

Validate the backgrounds of your potential employees with our unmistakable verification systems.

To ensure your employees are clean, our comprehensive search system will pull out every bit of necessary information on applicants.

Through our background checks you get a thorough system of filtering out the most eligible candidates for a post. We collect information on potential employees from a wide array of sources to ensure that they are fully qualified. At, Tactical Protective Service we make sure that your potential employees have a clean background with no prior criminal history or any other undesirable glitch during their work history.

All this leads to you being fully productive and truly protected!


Owing to our expansive experience in the field, the different stakeholders in the construction industry see us as their most trusted partner for security. In the state Maryland, we have worked with dozens of clients to their fullest satisfaction.

At Tactical Protective Services, we take care of the different aspects of a construction site ranging from mobile surveillance, to arrangement of labor force, to creating a safety net through CCTV installation, and much more. Thus, with us, you and your assets truly protected!

Fire Watch

Reducing risks through fire-watch patrols and constant monitoring.

Our guards will work to minimize risks by keeping an eye out for malfunctioning systems in combination with foot patrols to identify safety risks.

During risky situations, our adept professionals ensure that all dangerous instances are reported, exits are cleared, and alarms are sounded at the right time. This guarantees minimum damage and maximum safety for all in the field. Our motto of alertness even in situations where fire hazard is improbable is what sets us apart from other. After all, troubles never knock at the door; they come in right away.

Hospital Security Services

Protecting patients, visitors, staff, and the overall hospital premises with our qualified security professionals.

Our guards have been adequately trained to work in the medical industry. With their expertise complimented by their alertness, the unique needs of hospital security are best catered to.

In a hospital setting, we recognize the importance of being thoroughly polite while remaining strict at the same time. Although the patient care industry is beset with newer threats today, it is vital to consider the sensitive circumstances that mark a hospital’s premises. Our hospital security guards are trained to acknowledge such factors while remaining cognizant of potential threats.

Mall Security

Taking responsibility for protecting your retail, the customers, and keeping an eye out for risky situations.

Our professional guards will ensure the safety of everyone at the mall, thus leading to a wonderful shopping experience for shoppers and increased revenue for you!

We acknowledge the importance of discreet security services in the premises of a mall. This is especially because shoppers want to feel secured but also want not be constantly bugged by the tough guys. At Tactical Protective Services, the guards are trained to remain vigilant yet discreet. Thus, the shoppers, their valuables, mall assets, and the retail all remain truly protected.

Mobile Security Patrols

Expanding the scope of security services with our mobile security patrols.

Our adept and alert security masters will be at your service whenever and however you need them. Thus, effectively monitor progress or security situations with our locomotive guards on duty.

Being trained vigorously, our guards know how to act swiftly in an emergency situation or instances of minor disturbance. Thus, receive the best possible security services steeped in the knowledge of usual and unusual threats from real-life professional expertise.

Enjoy your peace of mind as you stay truly protected with TPS!

Private Investigation

Keeping an eye out for you on the things that matter.
Our comprehensive strategy of private investigation includes 24/7 surveillance, evidence gathering, and more at very affordable rates. Trusted by many, we promise to deliver you the desired results, discreetly!

For personal or professional matters, our expert investigators will be at your service to dig out the information you require to make decisions and to secure yourself, your family, or business. Required by the nature of private investigation work, our experts work invisibly, but always under the ambit of law and order regulations.

Give us a call right now to discuss the proof you need and let us get down to work!

Weddings Security

Enhanced wedding security through Tactical Protective Services.

Enjoy your best day with love and a sense of satisfaction and protection knowing that we have your back. With guards around you trained in first aid and dealing with dangerous situations, your day is sure to become memorable.

Our trained guards will ensure that everything goes as planned during the event. The whole wedding package includes event ushers, armed and un-armed guards, mobile patrols, and much more as per your customization needs.

Hire us now to discuss the nuances of your desired package!

Self Defense

Eliminating the need for external security and enhancing your skills to defend your safety and well-being.

Under our accomplished trainers, become proficient in the most useful self-defence strategies at affordable rates. Open to men and women both!

Our comprehensive training course includes strategies to overcome assailants, non-lethal combat moves, instructions on street-safety, and much more. The courses range from beginner to advanced level to cater to our diverse array of clients.

Get in touch now to know more about how we train you to remain truly protected!

Work Place Security Services

Catering to the needs of a diverse and loyal clientele ranging from hospitals to banks to educational institutes and corporate offices.
With our updated services, book your security requirements fast, efficiently, and at the lowest rates.

Working with a sense of immense responsibility, alertness, and dedication, our guards come from reputable backgrounds including the military and other law-enforcement agencies. After a thorough process of background checks whenever a guard is hired, he/she has to go through a rigorous training process. This enables them to develop a sharp eye for risky/emergency situations in workplaces and thus they are better equipped to prevent circumstances from escalating negatively.
Talk to us now and let us device the perfect security plan for you!

Event Security

Securing your special events with a vigilant group of professionals.

For any event to be successful, it must be secure – and that’s what it is when you count on Tactical Protective Services for it. We carefully analyze the need of a security for your event based on the nature, location, and on information of people who are participating, then allot a team that do their job discreetly, intelligently, and vigilantly.

We provide security services in a spectrum of settings, no matter the number of attendees or venue location. Our package consists of a dedicated set of professionals equipped to deal with any kind of situation or event.

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