About Us

Tactical Protection Services is here to cater to all of your security related needs.
We are a licensed, insured, and bonded company that provides exceptional security services at affordable rates in the state of Maryland. We provide custom tailored solutions to a wide range of clients. Our robust solutions ensure protection for our client as well as those around them. Whether you are looking for a professional to take care of your company’s security or intend to perform background checks on someone, we deal with these and much more.We are dedicated to quality and support in every service we offer. At each step of the way, from getting you on board to optimizing and implementing solutions, we work closely with the needs of our clients.

We hire the best of the best; our teams consists of well trained active & retired Law Enforcement Agency personnel. TPS Police Division hires active police officers (who are off-duty) making our team full of reliable individuals who know how to secure an area and protect the clients.  

What We Do?

At Tactical Protective Services, we provide modern solutions for your security needs. For any business, a secure and safe environment is the key to success. We make that possible.In the volatile security situation of today, all big businesses need professionals who can provide advanced security solutions to cater to their needs. 

Our teams consist of retired and active police officers and military personnel who have been well trained and groomed in the best possible security methods and firearm handling. We have incorporated technology in services; equipping our teams with the latest field force management softwares and the latest industry leading equipment making sure our clients get the best security services. 


Tell us what you need and we will build the best security solution around your requirement. Contact us today and a free quote!