The crime rate is on the rise and as a result, we cannot consider any area or site a hundred percent safe as we witness more and more criminals committing illicit activities. As a result, organizations are most likely to outsource their security so that they can hire well-versed professional security guards who will diligently protect their sites.


A significant security element they outsource is hiring expert security guards who will monitor and patrol their site throughout the day to have peace of mind. These guards are more than just guards, as they are the first responders to any crime scene that ensues in the site perimeters of an organization.

The security guards have to adapt and respond to every situation appropriately. Consider an example of an unforeseen fire incident. These guards will be responsible for evacuating the building, clearing the premises, alerting the fire brigade department, and ensuring any and all necessary personnel and data are secured in due time.

Suppose an undesirable situation occurs, such as injury or damage. Then, they must take the necessary steps to either provide first aid or protect the area by putting their own lives at risk. So, if you ever felt their job is easy, we are here to tell you otherwise.

The Primary Line of Defense

When you consider the job of a security guard, it requires someone quick to respond, be vigilant, and have the ability to conform to the protocols. They are often challenged and put in difficult situations where they have to deal with criminals of all kinds who are either trying to rob a particular site in question or hurt any individuals on the premises.

They must act on diverting the situation by either verbally communicating their point, and if that does not work – applying physical force to diffuse the undesirable situation. In addition, they are provided training so that they expertly know how to deal with different possible circumstances.

When a criminal tries to commit a crime, these security guards first vocally let them know that what they are doing is wrong, and if they do not stop, they will have to face the consequences. However, if the criminal continues to ignore the guard, they only physically detain the individual to protect valuables and people residing in the designated site.

During the entirety of the situation, they must adhere to all legal rules and regulations and make sure they do not cross any boundary or indulge in any disallowed steps. After they have detained the individual attempting to commit a crime, they immediately contact law enforcement agencies, who arrive and take control of the situation from there onwards.


Security guards are highly valuable as they are the ones responsible for immediate safety and must be given the recognition they deserve. If any criminal activity occurs, they are the first ones responsible for handling the situation.

TPS Police Division employees are active off-duty police officers; they are well trained to protect and serve, they make sure that everyone around them in the given situation remains protected and untouched.