Common areas have long been used by owners and tenants; it includes all the available space in a residential building dedicated for their needs and use, such as parking lots, hallways, laundry rooms, swimming pools, etc. The concerning fact is that these amenities attract not only the residents but also criminals who seek high-end equipment that they can sell. This has made an increase in the demand for security in common areas.

Why it’s Necessary that you have Security in Common Areas?

It is not uncommon for an unforeseen mishap to occur within residential buildings, so it is important to ensure that the building is secure at all times. The way forward in this regard is to keep specific security measures in place to keep residents and the property safe. Unfortunately, there are quite a few things that could go wrong in common areas; let’s discuss some of the most common incidents.

Theft of Expensive Equipment

When pondering over accessible areas and their security, the first thing that comes to mind is how easily someone can break in and indulge in illicit activities such as equipment theft, be it petty or grand; owners are not unfamiliar with what this means. So to ensure that there’s no expensive equipment being stolen or harmed, owners must set in place suitable security measures to restrict the entry and exit of suspicious individuals.

Rowdy Crowds

Common areas like swimming pools and other facilities could be crowded by rowdy individuals who hang out in groups. Although people hanging out together is not a problem, but when facilities are crowded, there is a high chance of something getting damaged.

But to prevent these unfortunate circumstances from occurring, owners must look for ways to make the common areas more secure by installing security cameras in the right places. This could help owners identify individuals that caused damage or harm to the property.


There is a high chance for an intruder to break in and blend with the crowd in common areas; these common areas can be at the risk of theft, robbery, or even property damage. Building owners should map out what needs to be done about this before making them accessible to tenants.

To keep an eye out for intentional vandalism and negligent actions that may cause damage to common areas, residential buildings must have security cameras in place so that later when it’s time to identify who caused the damage, perpetrators can easily be identified.

What Security Measures Should One Adopt to Curb These Issues?

As discussed above, there is a high chance of undesirable incidents occurring in the common area premises. Owners can cooperate with security professionals and devise a plan that best fits their needs for the property. Usually, for common areas, security systems may include surveillance cameras, alarm monitoring systems, sensors, a security guard where needed, and a remote monitoring system.

The Takeaway!

Common areas have people coming in and out at all times, making it challenging to identify theft or vandalism perpetrators, as these things often go unnoticed. This is why building owners need to place suitable security measures and engage services of reputable security service provider in common areas so that there is no intentional danger or damage caused by-passers.