The increasing number of shooting incidents across the country have shuddered the entire country to its core, and as a result quite a few speculations came forth. Some suggested that one way to tackle these unforeseen occurrences is to set proper security measures. Be it an elementary school or any other building, it should be made compulsory to have these measures including armed security in place.

Facilities like educational institutes, which have people constantly coming in and out, become a soft target for emotionally charged individuals to attack. After the Sandy Hook school incident, security professionals suggested that armed security must be at the access points of any facility that has a large number of people within them.

The incident brought forward quite a few perspectives of individuals who want to make the country better and a safer place for everyone and especially children. They suggested that helping individuals with mental issues can help curb such problems. In contrast, another perspective suggested that having armed security protecting these soft targets is far more practical as a short-term measure.

Here’s why armed security has become a necessity:


Crowded buildings and facilities are at a higher risk of getting attacked. The looming threat of intruders and thieves breaking into the facility and causing damage can be avoided by having armed security personnel at access points and within the building so that violent criminals stay away.

If unarmed security guards are on duty, barrier to entry is lowered compared to armed guards, shooter might think twice before they try to get past an armed guard.


Buildings and facilities with a large number of people moving in and out are considered soft targets for criminal activity. It is easier for criminals to target these places because they can hide well by blending in with the crowd.

To intimidate such individuals and to keep them away from causing damage, armed security is essential. In addition, if some criminal activity occurs, armed security guards can keep individuals within the premises safe from the possible harm intruders may cause.


People present within a facility or premises deserve to be at peace. Therefore, appropriate security should be in place to keep them safe and secure at all times, be it through the use of an armed security guard or a monitoring system that keeps everyone at the facility out of trouble.

With your employees’/customers’ security guaranteed, they can go about their day without having to worry about unnecessary harm that may be caused by unsolicited criminal activity. Armed guards must have extensive training to avert violence of any sort when managing a difficult situation.

The Takeaway!

Although there are a lot of ways to diffuse a dangerous situation, they do not necessarily guarantee the protection of people’s lives and their safety. Therefore, there’s no point in taking a risk that does not yield favorable outcomes; instead, hiring a professional security company to protect a building is the right thing to do. Tactical Protective Services‘ armed division provides exceptional armed guard security services to a broad range of customer needs ranging from residential clients, offices, special events, to corporate and warehouse security, and more!

Not only will this keep unsuspecting victims safe from harm caused by criminal activity, but it will also provide them with the satisfaction of feeling secure within a building.