Whether you need a professional to protect your business or a security guard for an event, you want to make sure that you approach the right company and make the correct decision. In such instances, an option to consider would be a company that provides services of an off-duty police officer – just like Tactical Protective Services police division hires active off-duty police officers from the state of Maryland.

However, prior to deciding, you need to make sure you select the right company for the job. For example, if you need security to provide protection for an event, you need to consider the security company’s experience credibility, and whether they have active police officer as a part of their team.

Following are the benefits of hiring an off-duty police officer:

Police Officer are Trained Better Than Most Security Guards

When you compare the two, security guards and police officers, security guards do not match the level of expertise and experience police officers have. This is because police officers undergo demanding and extensive training, which is better than the training security guards receive.

In fact, police officers have to undertake different tasks and accomplish various achievements before they are handed their badges, which is one of the reasons why they are better at meeting the right standards than most security guards.

They Have Real Law Enforcement Experience

Nothing can beat an actual law enforcement experience which, of course, a police officer has; they undergo rigorous training, after which they have to go out to serve and protect civilians against crimes and manage to do all of this under high-pressure environments.

Professional police officers have seen the real world in real-time, and they know how to perform their duties even when there’s a lot of pressure and burden on their shoulders. This experience cannot be taught but is instead learned during the time they serve on duty.

They Respond Better in an Emergency Situation

Since law enforcement officers are put through a lot of pressure during their duty, they develop a habit of functioning better under high-stress situations. So if there is an emergency or a crisis that needs to be diffused before things get out of hand, police officers know their way around it better than any private guard.

Police officers can stay composed and stay calm when resolving a problematic situation. A security guard may have to go through the same steps as an ordinary person when calling 911 or other emergency hotlines. But an off-duty police officer may have a code that they can use to receive a quicker response from them–this shortens the time emergency correspondents need to respond.

An Off-Duty Police officer Offers Better Protection

With the kind of experience, training, authority, and credibility that off-duty police officers have, they can provide you with better protection and safety than your regular safety guard. A poorly trained safety guard is likely to make a mistake that could make your event look bad—there’s a high probability that they end up harming someone unintentionally. Still, they can’t be blamed since they do not have the appropriate training required for the role.

However, off-duty officers know their way around providing protection for events, which is why they have a better chance at performing well when you need them to.

The Takeaway!

You cannot put your safety and security at risk, which is why you need to understand that an off-duty police officer is a far better option than any security guard. They know their way around how security works, and they’re also quite familiar with laws—they can professionally undertake responsibilities without compromising your event’s security.